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    Free Ad Post | Post Free Classifieds Ads without any charges in Jobs, Products, Items, Real Estate, Services and etc. An advertiser can use Buys, Sell items or Join the communities. Post Classified Ad is a free advertisement company for those people who can sell products and services online. Search free classifieds ads for mobiles, cars, job, etc.
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  • Post Classified ADS Frequently Asked Question?

    What sort of ads would I be able to post?


    Notices in all classifications are invited. In any case, we deny the publicizing of anything that is illicit. It would be ideal if you perused the User Agreement for subtleties.


    - I couldn't discover a classification that accommodates my commercial. How to recommend one?

    On the off chance that you want another class or sub-classification, it would be ideal if you Contact Us. We will consider your recommendation in the next site update. Be that as it may, we can't guarantee to include any new classification likely in view of the existing database structure. Before another classification is accessible, you may present your notice on a closer classification.


    - Is there any constraint on the arrangement and size of promotion portrayal?


    At present, the promotion depiction ought to be in the content organization as it were. HTML group isn't bolstered. The extent of promotion depiction can be up to 5000 characters.


    - Why do I need to set a promotion secret word when posting a new notice?


    You have to set a promotion secret phrase (any word) without anyone else when posting an advertisement thing. The advertisement ID and related promotion secret word are required to get to (update, alter, broaden, erase) your promotion later. Setting a secret word for every advertisement currently is required when posting new promotion. We got numerous solicitations in the past for setting a secret key in light of the fact that the advertisement proprietor needed to alter the promotion. We have a restricted asset to deal with client remarks or demands. Presently we request that the client set the secret key when posting so you can expand, update, alter or erase your advertisement later without anyone else. You have to compose the advertisement ID and promotion secret key on your note.


    On the off chance that you overlook the promotion secret key however need to deal with your advertisement, you may keep on reaching Us. It would be ideal if you notice your promotion ID when you send demand. We may set a promotion secret key for you. In the event that you overlook the advertisement ID, you may seek promotions on our site utilizing at least one most essential watchwords from your promotion title and depiction, and endeavor to discover your advertisement from the query output. The advertisement ID is a piece of the URL (appeared at the location box of your program) to review the individual promotion page.


    - Should I give my email address and telephone number when posting the new notice?

    They are discretionary. On the off chance that you trust advertisement watcher reaches you through email or telephone, you may include these contact data. In the event that you simply need others to visit your other related site, you may leave these fields clear and type in your other connection/URL. If it's not too much trouble know, on the off chance that you give your contact data, they are unmistakable to every single individual guest and web search tools. Your contact data could appear on web crawlers' outcome page or reserve. If you don't mind read our Privacy Statement for more data.


    - Is there any approach to keep my advertisement over the pursuit list?

    Truly. We give a component "Update" on Manage Ad page. It doesn't change the substance of your advertisement. It just changes the last altered time (one quality we put away in our database) of your advertisement as the current time. The query item list by classification and advertisement proprietor name currently is arranged by the update time (last changed time). The most recent has appeared. Each time you "Update" or Modify your promotion, the last adjusted time is changed to the current time. Along these lines, your promotion can be shown over the inquiry list (with the exception of highlighted advertisements) by simply "Refreshing" your advertisement.


    - what number of occasions can I "Update" my advertisement postclassifiedad.com?


    As of now, there is no impediment on refreshing any advertisement. You can refresh your promotion whenever.

    - What are the advantages to utilize the "Update" promotion include?

    Notwithstanding keeping your promotion over query output, there are different advantages:

    - Save your opportunity to post your advertisement.

    - Reduce the number of copy promotions.

    - Avoid your promotions being erased. When we see copy promotions, we may erase at least one of your copy advertisements, or once in a while erase the majority of your posts on the off chance that we see too many copy advertisements from you.


    The most critical, guests can discover your advertisement:

    - Your promotion is shown over query item by classification on our site.

    - Your promotion could be ordered and stored by real web indexes after it is on the web. The guests of these web search tools could discover your advertisement via looking through certain watchwords that exist in your promotion content. They click the connection to our site and view the subtleties of your promotion.

    On the off chance that you erase your old advertisement since you need to post another one with same substance (keep away from copy posts), the guests from hunt motors will get a message that the old promotion has been erased. There is no real way to divert them to your new promotion.

    Along these lines, we urge you to utilize the "Update" include.


    - Can I post same or comparable substance commercials in same or diverse classifications?

    NO! Kindly don't post a similar substance promotion in the same class on this site. Your promotion can be looked by catchphrases regardless of in what class. We don't check copy posting while submitting new notice. Once in a while we permit 2 comparable substance postings in various classes. Nonetheless, we could erase any posting from wrong class without notice. One or every copy advertisement from a similar proprietor could be erased as well. We perceive the proprietor by name and the IP address. Kindly don't post your equivalent substance ad to each classification. In the event that you are mishandling the free administration, every one of your posts could be erased without notice, and you might be declined to post any more advertisements on this site.


    - How long does a promotion run on postclassifiedad.com?

    All promotions can be online for 365 days as a matter of course. Promotion proprietor can Extend the advertisement as long as 365 days for nothing before it lapses. A promotion can be broadened boundless occasions. Advertisement proprietor can Delete the promotion whenever. An advertisement could be erased by our group for different reasons incorporate yet not constrained to copy postings.

    Pursuit and View Advertisements


    - what number ways would i be able to search for promotions in your site?

    There are 4 ways to deal with inquiry promotions posted on this site: look by classes, seek by watchwords, look by advertisement proprietor name, and hunt by promotion ID. Go to Advanced Search for more subtleties.


    - What is the rundown request of notices on output pages?

    At the point when seek by watchwords, the coordinating notices are recorded by importance. A most astounding important commercial is recorded on the top. You may disregard lower important notices. At the point when seek by classes or proprietor name, the coordinating notices are recorded by update time (last changed time). Latest refreshed advertisement is recorded on the top.


    - What would it be advisable for me to do on the off chance that I am keen on a notice?

    You may tap on the URL (if accessible) after Related Link on promotion detail page to get more data. You may contact the advertisement thing proprietor if email address, as well as telephone numbers, are accessible.


    - Should I report any cheat or misuse?

    Indeed. On the off chance that you discover any promotion that swindles others or misuses our free web publicizing administrations, it would be ideal if you Contact Us. We maintain whatever authority is needed to erase such commercial and may even square the proprietor from posting more notices. We trust all guests make the most of our free web promoting administrations and help us keep amazing administrations.

    Should you have any more inquiries, concerns, or remarks, if it's not too much trouble Contact Us.

    Much obliged to you for utilizing our free online classifieds administrations.

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